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Glass Towers Return: HD Log - [{Effluvium}] -- Psychotic Mind-Droppings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The New Effluvium

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Glass Towers Return: HD Log [Jan. 30th, 2004|12:25 am]
The New Effluvium
Just realized I've been forgetting to post MUX logs... which is sad, considering I used to do this all the time.

Some quick notes, I just recently (well... back in mid-December) began playing on Heroes Dreams MUX. On it, I play Superman (Hey... I'm a narcisisstic bastard, what can I say?), as well as a few other characters... but Supes gets most of my attention. While I certainly coordinate most of my stuff in the background, I make a habit of logging all my roleplay.

So... here it is. A synopsis:

The MUX had been without Superman for some time... and I decided to step in and take the role. To explain the disappearance, we decided to say that he had been in Russia, dealing with a nuclear crisis that to this day has never actually been defined.

This scene features Clark with two JLA members walking about incognito. Neither Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) or Tora (Ice) know about Superman's secret identity... so it makes for an interesting meeting...

Heroes Dream - Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 4:59 PM
Edited for Grammar and Spelling by Superman, 12/29/03

Central Business District South - Crescent City

Glass towers reach for the sky, reflecting the light in odd directions and patterns. Helicopters buzz overhead, sometimes landing on the roof of one of the buildings. Neon lights the place at night and floodlights play off the Daily Planet's famous globe. Traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian, clogs the streets at certain times of day. Expensive lunch joints cater to the office suit crowd at others.

Clark Kent

The look of the man before is relatively classic, one you've possibly seen in newsprint, or even occasionally on the front page of both newspapers and tabloids. A brown fedora atop raven-black hair (which falls just above his collar), long-sleeved wool dress shirt of matching color, green khaki's held up by an unassuming leather belt, and black penny-loafers make up the classic appearance that is Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.
Despite a slight, seemingly practiced stoop that leaves him at an impressive six feet, four inches, he seems to be a man obsessed with physical health and perfection. Well-muscled arms, legs, and shoulders belie his attention to detail, although his clothes seem to be personally tailors to draw attention away from his appearance.
The only thing that sets him back on the ground, making him appear as fragile as the rest of the human race are a pair of semi-rimless glasses which set upon his nose. The lenses are thin, likely of the light-weight sort of plastic that is now popular, although they are thick enough to just barely magnify his strikingly blue eyes slightly behind them.


Standing an elegant five foot seven, this young woman carries just the right amount of muscle to be good looking without being over-developed, her form is lithe, curved in all the right places, and shows all the signs of being exceptionally fit. Delicate, almost elfin features are framed by pure white hair that falls to just above her shoulders and curls under a little at the tips. Clear blue eyes peer from beneath arching white brows, full lips are subtly painted red. The overall effect would perhaps best be classed as 'striking'.
She is wearing blue jeans and a blue vest top, with an inch or two of midriff revealed between the two. The vest top is square topped, and secured around the waist with a thin tie. On her feet, she wears white sneakers. Around her neck is a simple silver chain, but with no pendant attached to it.

Ted Kord

(Description not logged)


Tora comes sauntering out of one of the sort of plaza areas. The weather right now is cool, even chilly...which makes it perfect for her. She would stand out at some distance, with her looks and her white hair, but is 'flying casual' right now, not trying to make herself too obvious.

Clark Kent is leaning up against a local building... keeping quite clear of Lex's block, as he really just is not in the mood to antagonize the man, and knows it quite likely that this area of the town is monitored by him. In his hand is the typical pad and paper, a look of extreme concentration on his face.

Tora shakes her head as she starts to head up the street. Blue eyes checking out the people she meets, lingering on a couple, and then on...hrm. She knows that face from somewhere, it's the 'he's famous, but I don't remember where from' level of familiarity.

Clark Kent continues scratching with the pen on his pad, apparently trying to describe something, when he notices the blue eyes on him. He eyes the woman, and smiles slightly, realizes that she doesn't know him in this guise, and chuckles inwardly. There is obvious recognition of some sort there... so he might as well take advantage of the situation. He leans forward, removing himself from the wall, and waves the woman over.

((OOC: Enter Ted Kord))

Tora catches the wave. She doesn't know the guy, but it's possible he's recognized her...perhaps from some of her recent promotional work. Thus, she wanders over to Clark, who's leaning against a building. "Do I...I don't /think/ we've met."

Clark Kent chuckles, not actually pocketing the pad. "Very likely. Clark Kent, Daily Planet."

On the street, a shiny, blue VW Bug pulls up. Its blue steel chrome rims, are very shiny. It parks, and a young man, who most people know gets out of it. He pulls out a blue and silver laptop computer, and tucks it under his arm. He heads for the Daily planet building.

Clark Kent smiles, chuckling, "Yes, I've heard of you, Justice League member, if I'm not mistaken. A pleasure to meet you, then. It's not many times I get to meet an active member of the League, at least lately." His grin widens, as always shocked that people who know him intimately would so easily mistake him for something else due to some as simple as a stood and pair of glasses. "I know this is pretty sudden, but would you be averse to answering a few questions, on the record?" His voice carries as he sees Ted pass close by, intent on capturing his attention as well.

Tora considers that for a moment, then, "I have no objections, Mr. Kent." She manages not to hide too badly behind her hair...it's amazing that somebody so bold on camera can be so meek in person.

Ted Kord crosses toward the Planet. He stops for a minute and blinks for a second. He stops and seems a little speechless. "Clark Kent, isn't it?" He extends his hand, almost immediately, like some kind of fan-boy, I mean, everyone knows, he's the Bill-gates, nerd of this world, and he's the rich toy boy, but unlike Bruce Wayne, geekyness runs all over him. He smiles. "I read your column!"

Clark Kent laughs as Ted walks up, "Good to hear, Mr. Kord. It's always nice to know when the well-moneyed folks actually read my column without cursing my name afterward." Apparently he has either met the man, or is simply observant. He turns back to Tora, "Now... I've heard some interesting rumors... that the ranks of the League have been dwindling of late... that Superman has been wantonly AWOL, and that the Beetle himself has been... looking to other venues. What can you say about that?"

Ted Kord turns his head down. He looks over to Tora for a minute. "Well, Tora is the spokesperson for my new Kord Nordic Silver line." He looks over. "She does have connections to the JLA." He looks over. "Listen, I was supposed to drop some information to the Planet, but if you like, maybe I can contact The Beetle, I mean, I do have some connections." . o O (Tora, cover me here.)

Tora smiles. "Superman has been...busy. And..." Well, it's the perfect opportunity. She glances at Ted for a moment, then back towards Clark. "We have had reason to suspect potentially threatening activities in Superius. Blue Beetle has been on an undercover mission. Obviously, this had to be kept secret to protect his safety. We were just about to release it." See, Clark...you got a scoop.

Ted Kord manages a smile. He looks over for a second. "Yes, well that's kind of amazing...." He grins. "I mean, Blue Beetle is a hero... why would he go bad..." He looks over. "You've followed the reports, Magnus, has the way of bending the truth."

Clark Kent blinks, as he already knew this. "I assume that he has been able to fully extricate himself beforehand." He looks to Ted, oddly knowingly. "As while this is incredible information, I would hate to put one of the city's defenders in jeopardy."

Tora nods. "He's out." And he's not going back in...she's not going to let him...and he knows it. "Or I wouldn't have said anything."

Clark Kent nods, "Good to hear that, at least." And he seems honestly relieved. "And what, exactly, did Beetle learn while he was in Superius? Aside from the obvious dangers presented by Magnus' threats toward other sovereign nations, what does the American public have to fear from him?"

Tora shakes her head. "I cannot reveal that yet." Partly because Ted hasn't been /fully/ debriefed yet. "But the American government...and people...will learn of what threats there might be."

Ted Kord looks over for a second. He blinks at Tora. He was trying to avoid Mr. Kent knowing. His eyes go wide for a second. . o O (Let's hope he didn't hear her fully.)
Ted Kord says, "Uh, Tora, we have some contracts to go over..."

Clark Kent nods, "Understood. And what of the accusations that Superman has threatened to kill Magnus himself?"
Clark Kent stops, "I promise, Mr. Kord... I will be only a few more minutes..."

Ted Kord lifts an eyebrow. "Well, you know the UN, records its conferences, considering the sound byte was broadcasted from Superius."
Ted Kord smirks. "Kord industries could easily take a speech from the president... flip it around and make it sound like he was an agent of Al-Quaida." He grins. "I could _set_ up a demonstration... I mean anything to help superman or Beetle. Right, Mr. Kent?"

Tora shakes her head. "I do not believe Superman would kill anyone. I find it hard to believe he would threaten to.

Clark Kent grins, "That would be perfect, Mr. Kord... Deception should be combated at every turn, of course." He smiles over at Tora, "Actually, I'm quite certain that Superman is entirely misrepresented, of course. But I like to hear you voice your support of him. I'm certain he will appreciate the complement when I tell him."

Ted Kord nods. He casts a glace toward Tora. He then looks back to Clark. "Mr. Kent, the Justice League is an important force. From what I know it's the only force that may be designed to deal with the Superious situation, Kord industries would be glad to help clear both Superman and Blue Beetle's name. You should interview Tora..." he looks over. "I hear you know how to get in touch with Superman, is that true?"

Clark Kent nods, "I do. In fact, I'm pleased to state that he actually is going to return quite soon. As you might know, there was a situation in Russia that required his immediate attention, but as it is now done, he should be returning to Crescent City soon."

There's a look in Tora's eyes at that, almost wistful. "Good...we will be very glad to have him back."

Ted Kord looks down at his watch. "I need to go." He casts a look at Tora. "I take it you'll sign the contracts tomorrow?" He looks at her for a moment. "Well, I need to go, so, we'll talk later, right?" Hopefully Tora will get in touch with Superman and bring him to contact Beetle.

Clark Kent smiles, "Not a problem. You two obviously have things you need to discuss. Let the Beetle know that if he needs a voice in the media, I'm here. I'm always here."
*** AND CUT! ***